At the end of our cob/cooking adventure, Caroline gave me a book entitled Relish: My Life in the Kitchen, by Lucy Knisley. I sat down about a month ago and read it clean through. Yup, I relished my day with Relish.


From the inside cover:

Lucy Knisley’s Mouth-watering graphic memoir will make you hungry.

Whether she’s injuring herself – again and again – in pursuit of a perfect croissant or bankrupting herself on fancy cheeses, Lucy Knisley knows what she wants: a good meal. The daughter of a chef and a gourmet, she comes by her priorities honestly. In this Technicolor love letter to cooking and eating, Knisley presents her personal history as seen through a kaleidoscope of delicious things.

Defying the idea of eating as a compulsion and food as a consumer product, Relish invites us to celebrate the meals we eat as a connection to our bodies, and to each other. Knisley’s intimate and utterly charming graphic memoir offers reflections on cooking, eating, and living – as well as some of her favorite recipes!

I didn’t read a lot of comic books growing up, and never a graphic novel that I can remember, so this was a fairly new thing for me. I liked it! The book is sitting on my desk, with my herbal and gardening books, awaiting another lazy afternoon for me to comb through the pages in search of a recipe to try.

Thank you so very much, Caroline, for this book!



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2 responses to “Relish!”

  1. caroline rowley says :

    I’m glad you liked it!! It was so nice to see this post. I’m in Boise now, signed a lease and have a job and I would love to come see all of you one weekend if your host will have me. About to find a scoby on craigslist and start my kombucha making! Plus I’ve got pickles fermenting in my window. Thanks for all you taught me, hope you are well! -Caroline

    • jackandjillright says :

      I just did some fermented pickles, too! Need to get a bunch of dill to do some more, though. Our kombucha supply is depleted at the moment, need to bottle up what we have brewing and get some more started. Tomorrow!

      We would LOVE to have you come visit, but it’s a very long trip to make for just a weekend. We’ll have to keep in touch and see if something works out in the future.

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