Cooking Day 8 – Monday May 20, 2013


  • Pancakes

We used some fancy flavored mixes that were in the cupboard. Served with butter, peanut butter, maple syrup.

Today didn’t require much kitchen work, so I went outside to participate in the cob building fun. I decided to help work on the remaining section of the rock wall. Steff showed me how to do it.

Steff rock wall

While moving one rather large rock out of my way it decided to roll back down the bank and crushed my finger against another rather large rock. Major ouch! After continually banging my finger against anything and everything in the kitchen the rest of this day, I spent the rest of the week bandaging it quite well.

smashed finger 5-20

It’s a little over a month later, it has grown out, and now it’s just wait-and-see if/when it’s going to fall off.

smashed finger 6-27


  • Leftovers!

Today we pulled out a pan of enchiladas, chili, soup and stew, and potato salad.


  • Beans & Rice with toppings (pretty much like our taco/burrito night, except with rice instead of tortillas)

I cooked some more beans that I had soaked and sprouted. They are just so cute with their little “tails” on them!

pinto beans

Caroline made Mexican-style rice.



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